Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jim March Interview on KFNX news in Phoenix 9/3/09

Good recap of Pima County Elections for the Phoenix audience.

Clarifying some facts Jim mentioned, here's some additional information from the Attorney General (AG) hand count of the RTA ballots.

Looking at the numbers in the AG Excel spread sheet we can see that:

• 4 precincts are missing. Was this a mistake, or were the numbers so messy they needed burying forever? Why didn't the AG's report these facts?

• 285 out of 409 precincts are out of balance; this comes to 69.68% with the RTA official Canvas report.

• Under Federal Guide lines the accuracy is expected to be 1 mark in 10 million.

However we didn’t expect to see an error rate of:

• 159 precincts are missing 1541 ballots
• 126 precincts have 389 ballots to many
• 1,152 ballots are missing

The AG press conference (Video) April 21, 2008 and their PowerPoint presentation, last page states:

“Pima County official canvass ballot count: 120,821”
“Ballots counted in examination: 120,888”
“Difference: 67”

How is it possible to have 67 extra ballots when you're at least missing 1,152 ballots in the precincts count?

Vote by Mail "Early Ballots" are clearly marked "Early Ballots on each ballot.

Additionally, there are unresolved questions about why would one box hold 1,200 ballots and another exact same size box hold as much as 1,600 ballots. Are there two types of ballot thicknesses?

Do to the error rate being so high, wouldn’t it have been prudent to use the poll tapes and also check the ballots forensically to verify that these were the original RTA ballots?

From Tuesday, September 1, 2009, see what else the AG is up to: Evidence that Attorney General Goddard Ignored and Why the RTA Case Still Matters"

More information coming soon.